New Paul & Shark spring/summer 2013 collection

We are leaving the cold lands of the Himalayas and the Kingdom of Bhutan and, at the start of spring, we are welcoming the new Paul & Shark spring/summer 2013 collection in our exclusive Vega Fashion Boutique: Paul & Shark Dubai.

Inspired by an equally fascinating land, the new Paul & Shark collection for the upcoming warm season captures the vibration of Dubai through its use of daring colours and shapes that seem to borrow from the city’s spirit the very qualities that have made it a standout: a blend of traditional and modern elements and the unexpectedly spectacular result. The Paul & Shark brand, a market leader for luxury sportswear and yachting lovers all across the world, can be found exclusively on the Romanian coast in the elegant boutique of Vega Hotel in Mamaia.

We invite you to step into the fairy-tale world created by each collection of the famous clothing brand and to visit our shop, located on the ground floor of Vega Hotel, open every day of the week.

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