Tulip Spa Rituals

Spa salon in Mamaia, Constanta

Tulip Spa Rituals is a spa salon designed for mind and body relaxation, located on the first floor of Vega Hotel in Mamaia. Here lie the most relaxing, intimate areas in the hotel: 2-person dry Finnish sauna, a massage parlour and a body treatment spa.

Tulip Spa Rituals offers a wide variety of spa rituals and body treatments:

Indulgence of La Sultane de Saba

Inspired by ultimate beauty rituals from realms such as the Orient, La Sultane de Saba offers you a wide range of products, each based on unique and magical authenticity.

Each product of La Sultane de Saba brand represents a subtle combination of rare, natural ingredients, specifically searched by the brand’s specialists for each of us. By observing the requirements of the strictest laws, the ingredients of La Sultane de Saba’s products are paraben free, are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin.

La Sultane de Saba undergoes a continuous evolution, including both products for professional consumption and retail products, products designed for facial and body needs, based on over 20 different flavours which can meet the most sophisticated needs.

In 2010, the range La Sultane de Saba Ayurvediq was nominated under the category Body Care and Toiletries Products in Beauty Parlour at CosmetiqueMag Oscars 2010.

In 2006, La Sultane de Saba was awarded H.Pierantoni Innovation prize for L’Essentiel range, and in 2007 the brand was awarded CosmetiqueMag prize, for the category Body Care in Beauty Parlour for Balinese Voyage range.

The relaxing La Sultane de Saba massage offers you a profound multi-sensory experience. This new concept proposes a type of Oriental massage, under the signature of La Sultane de Saba, which allows you, through aromas, to choose the part of the world you wish to travel to;

Ayurveda Journey the route of the seventh spices (80 min 250 Ron) – A full face and body relaxing massage, in which the pressure maneuvers alternates obtaining a profound tension relief. This massage has multiple benefits alleviating the muscles and rebalancing the spirit.

Oriental Massage by La Sultane de Saba (70 min 240 Ron / 90 min 260 Ron)  –  The oriental massage starts with a steam bath for opening the skin pores and eliminating the toxins. This type of massage combines pressure with stretching and relaxation maneuvers.

The signature massage by La Sultane de Saba (60 min 210 Ron / 75 min 240 Ron) – Due to its fluid maneuvers, this signature massage will help you escape on the land of relaxation. The exquisite fragrances of the essential oils will make you travel on the most exotic destinations.

New therapies with La Sultane de Saba rose oil!

Rose oil is called the “Queen of Oil” being one of the most precious essential oils in the world.

Properties: hormonal balancing, therapeutic effects on the central nervous system, aphrodisiac

Body scrub with sugar crystals and rose oil (55 min 150 ron)

The gentle exfoliation of the scrub removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Classic massage with rose oil (60 min 200 ron)

The massage relaxes your muscles, reduces tension and improves circulation, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

High Frequency Beauty Ritual: Access to sauna, hammam and jacuzzi, body scrub with sugar crystals  and rose oil, classic massage with rose oil and facial massage with rose balm. (150 min 435ron)

Facial Skin Care

Facial therapy La Sultane de Saba (60 min 290 Ron) – Facial treatment suited for all skin types. This treatment cleans and hydrates the deep layers of the skin, conferring it multiple benefits due to the active ingredients. The Bio Argan oil helps to fade away the wrinkles and the dark circles and nourishes the skin, giving it a healthier and younger look.

Energizing facial therapy with BIO Beta-carotene (60 min 290 Ron) – Facial treatment suited for mixt skin types. Rich in vitamin C, the Beta-carotene prolongs the suntan and gives the skin a radiant look. This therapy has calming, regenerating, rejuvenation effect thanks to B & E vitamins.

Matifying facial therapy with rice powder and hyaluronic acid (75 min 300 Ron)  Illuminator and astringent facial therapy suited for mixt to oily skin type.This facial therapy combines the matifying benefits of the rice with the regenerating ones of the hyaluronic acid, closing the pores and restoring the skin elasticity. The result is a smoother and brighter skin.

Anti-aging facial therapy 23K Gold (75 min 310 Ron) – A regenerating and anti-aging facial treatment suited for devitalized and dry skin.This complex facial treatment associates the benefits of the active ingredients with a gentle cedar and patchouli fragrance. The 23K gold combined with caviar extract and micronized pearls fade away the wrinkles and stimulate the cellular regeneration.

Body treatments

The anti-cellulite remodelling massage takes 45 minutes – 190 Ron

Body scrub by La Sultane de Saba

Body scrub with black soap, eucalyptus and Kessa glove* (55 min 165 Ron)

The black soap, natural olive pasta, with a powerful emollient effect associated with the abrasive texture of the Kessa glove, exfoliates all the dead cells, leaving a soft skin.

Body scrub with silk protein and sugar crystals (45 min 145 Ron)

This gentle therapy maintains the skin hydrated, restores its elasticity and gives a velvet appearance. This body scrub is suited also for the sensitive skin. Fragrances: <Ambre, Musk, Sandalwood> <Ayurveda> <Green tea, Ginger>

Body scrub with sea salts and essential oils (45 min 145 Ron)

The mix between the essential oils and the sea salts cleanses and hydrates the skin in the same time. Fragrances: <Ayurveda> <Green tea, Ginger> <Loukoum>

Body scrub with sugar cane crystals and essential oils (45 min 105 Ron)

All the dead cells are removed by the sugar crystals obtaining a smooth and hydrated skin. Fragrances: <White musk, vanilla, incense >

Body scrub with Balinese traditional Lulur NEW (45 min 150 Ron)

The traditional Lulur is a body scrub originated from Bali, based on coconut powder. This body therapy symbolizes the purity due to its liaison with the rituals of the brides that cleansed their skin using Lulur. The skin will be covered by a gentle veil of Frangipane flower.

*The Kessa glove will be offered to you after the therapy

Relaxing Spa Rituals

Spa Rituals are designed for a long term physical relaxation and, at the same time, for a positive energy charge. The combined multi-sensory techniques, natural ingredients, aromas and sounds help you achieve a state of relaxation and harmony.

Luxury Rituals

Oriental body ritual La Sultane de Saba (150 min 495 Ron)
Hammam / Body scrub with black soap with eucalyptus / Rassoul & Shea butter wrap, Shirodhara Ayurvedic Bowl, essential oil massage <Amber, Musk, Sandalwood– this ritual crowns the essence of spa concept, in its most profound multisensory experience.

Ancestral Ceremony with gold powder La Sultane de Saba (150 min 495 Ron)
Hammam / Gold powder and silk protein body scrub / Shea butter & gold powder body wrap / Relaxing body and facial massage with Shea butter, essential oil, gold powder – as of the Ancient times, each evening Cleopatra used gold and took advantage of its benefits over the skin. This treatment based on gold powder guarantees you, besides relaxation, a much more rejuvenated skin, whose tone is visibly improved.

Ayurveda Oriental (180 min 495 Ron)
Hammam / Ayurvedic body scrub / Shirodara Bowl / Shea butter & body lotion body wrap / draining ayurvedic body massage with hot ceramic accessories (Akwaterra massage). It is well known that between medicine and science, Ayurveda is actually a life concept, a philosophy based on the balance and well-being of the body and mind. True beauty is given by the reflection of harmony between the self and the surrounding world. We propose a ritual which will help to restore the energies of your body.

Complete Rituals

Bali Journey ceremony La Sultane de Saba® 150 min | 435 lei

– Access to Hammam

– Traditional body scrub with LULUR

– Hydrating wrap

– Body & Face Oriental massage with shea butter and essential frangipani flower


Malaysian Journey ceremony La Sultane de Saba® 75 min | 330 lei

– Energising facial treatment with La Sultane de Saba Bio carrot oil

– Foot scrub with sugar crystals and silk proteins

– Foot Massage with body milk or melted shea butter


Le Délice cemerony by La Sultane de Saba® 150 min | 420 lei

– Access to Hammam

– Body scrub with black soap enriched with essential eucaliptus oil, Kessa glove

– Hydrating wrap with essential orange flower oil


Le Suprême Argan 220 min | 610 lei

–  Access to Hammam

– Body scrub with black soap & Kessa glove

– Shirodhara bowl

– Rassoul and shea butter wrap enriched with argan Bio oil

– Oriental Massage with argan Bio oil

–  Facial treatment with Argan BIO Oil and essential orange flower oil

Ritual for two

A perfect day together with your other half, your mother, your sister or your best friend, a day for experiencing a state of profound relaxation, starting with a steam bath with eucalyptus flavour, Finish sauna and Jacuzzi, moving on to full body massage performed with aromatherapy oils. Enjoy a fresh fruit juice in the relaxing area.

Duo Massage Musk, Incense, Vanilla (75 min 410 Ron)
We invite you to try an unique Body ritual, with a sophisticated sense of details. You shall experience delightful moments by the side of someone dear, which shall induce a state of total relaxation. A signature facial and body massage, which must be discovered as a couple, made with shea butter and warm essential body oil.

Suprem Duo (120 min 720 Ron) – a concept which invites you together with someone dear to enjoy the properties of La Sultane de Saba products, a profound multi-sensory experience given by luxury rituals. We invite you to try a full body massage completed by La Sultane de Saba signature facial treatment.

Suprem Duo Udaipur (120 min 750 Ron) we invite you to travel with your senses in an authentic beauty ritual inspired by the colorful and mystical India. This pampering for two is especially designed to offer you a La Sultane de Saba signature relaxing massage and Aloe Vera facial treatment, a vitamine cocktail for your skin.

Tulip Spa Rituals Therapies

Moisturizing and relaxing wrapping with Rhassoul (45 min – 105 Ron)

Classic massage with essential oils (50 min – 200 Ron)

Tulip Spa Massage NEW (50 min – 200 Ron)

Back Massage (30 min – 140 Ron)

Anti-Cellulite Massage* (45 min – 190 Ron)

*For customized packages please contact us at 0241 607 612.

Unity Couple’s Massage (Access to Jacuzzi/ Dry Sauna) 120 minutes – RON 440

Access to Spa facilities*

Access for 1 person 75 min – 90 Ron
(Hammam/ Dry sauna/ Jacuzzi)

Access for 1 person – 4 entries & 1 free entry 60 min – 360 Ron
(Hammam/ Dry sauna/ Jacuzzi)

Access for 2 persons (Hammam/ Dry sauna/ Jacuzzi) 60 min –  140 Ron

Access for 2 persons – 2 entries & 1 free entry 60 min –  280 Ron
(Hammam/ Dry sauna/ Jacuzzi)

Access for 2 persons – 4 entries & 1 free entry 60 min – 450 Ron
(Hammam/ Dry sauna/ Jacuzzi)

Access for 1 person 30 min – 60 Ron
(Dry sauna)

Access for 1 person 30 min – 60 Ron

Access for 1 person 30 min – 60 Ron

*accesss to Hammam/ Jacuzzi/ Dry Sauna is made only with appointment

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