The Shanti Restaurant

Shanti, food for body and spirit

Where would you go to find Paradise? Would you search for absolute happiness in the tranquility of a temple from the Far East, or the satisfaction of the senses in a rustic kitchen on the Mediterranean Sea? The answer is easy and Nirvana is much closer than you think. Body and Spirit are one and the same and, sometimes, all they need is a divine dish cooked with passion. Not at the end of the world, but on the Black Sea. At the SHANTI Restaurant, within the Vega Hotel in Mamaia.

Under the symbol of harmony

According to Reiki philosophy, an alternative oriental healing method dedicated to the body and soul, Shanti is the symbol of inner harmony. This state of calm and fulfillment protects us from negative influences and is obtained through the transfer of vital energy toward us. Energy can come from both large and small things: the greatness of nature or the warmth of a Feng Shui room. It can also originate both from uplifting experiences, as well as from a simple encounter with a person that you hold dear. Moreover, it can come from healthy food that was prepared with love.

A décor inspired by the Universe

If you are looking for serenity and wish to spoil your senses, SHANTI is the supreme destination. More than a deluxe restaurant with an art cuisine kitchen, SHANTI is a space of complete harmony, where positive energies combine and the 5 elements are perfectly intertwined.


As a source of life, the Black Sea embraces our guests’ gaze and carries them on a meditative journey to the unending horizon. The infinite movement of the waves eliminates the spirit’s tensions, while the salt water, an energy conductor, helps reestablish an inner sense of balance and the ascension to a superior state.


The restaurant’s interior is warm and welcoming, similar to a protective cocoon. The sensation of care and safety results from the special attention received by each guest from the establishment’s personnel, as well as from the carefully selected decorative materials – mosaic, glass and natural stone from Guru Shikhar, the highest mountain in Rajasthan, India. These materials have stored the warmth and the force of the Earth for billions of years.


Water relaxes and purifies from negative energies, while the earth creates a cloak which protects from external influences. In addition, the air enters the body and the soul, making them receptive to an influx of positive energies and sensory experiences. The tranquil atmosphere, full of aromas and embellished with relaxing music, represents the perfect décor for the transcendence of taste.


The copper decorations unleash positive energy and help the spirit lift to optimism.


The central functional décor piece is represented by the Japanese traditional Robata grill, the source of many healthy and savory dishes and the true heart of the establishment. This is where supreme taste, vital energy and delightful conversations are born.

The art of cooking, the art of living well

Together, the 5 basic elements – air, water, fire, earth and metal – create a perfect ambiance and the most savory foods. SHANTI’s kitchen is exceptional, combining Asian recipes with European dishes. It emphasizes natural ingredients, health and quality. Fans of authentic flavors may enjoy sophisticated dishes cooked on the Robata grill, vegan recipes, Mediterranean appetizers and royal desserts.

Memorable experiences

The SHANTI restaurant offers a memorable experience for every authentic refinement seeker. Connoisseurs and business people will appreciate the class, the special character and the quality without compromise specific to the 5 star Vega Hotel, in which the restaurant is established. Feng Shui fans will be delighted by the attention to detail and the décor created by renowned specialists and architects. Couples will be surrounded by romance, the magic of the Japanese grill and the chef’s love for each and every recipe. For families with children, the chefs’ show will prove to be just as tempting as the healthy and natural dishes served.

Come to SHANTI and you will escape time in a place that will help you transcend from the physical to the astral plane, through its combination of basic elements and a divine taste. Harmonized décor and taste, satisfied senses and a calm spirit, you know you have found paradise. Paradise on a plate, within people and within a special place.

Try the unique Shanti experience, it will leave a long lasting impression on you and will aid your goal of reaching full inner harmony!

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