Tulip Beauty & Spa Rituals

Beauty salon and spa centre in Mamaia, Constanta

Tulip Beauty & Spa Rituals includes two different areas, with similar concepts and service quality standards: the Tulip Beauty salon and a spa centre designed for relaxation rituals – Tulip Spa Rituals.Tulip Beauty & Spa Rituals was birthed from the beauty and spiritual harmony concept inspired by a delicate flower, adored both in the Orient and in ancient Rome, a time when the self-care philosophy was a well-shaped concept. The tulip, also known by the Latin name “tulipa” (derived from the Persian word “toliban”, meaning turban, which reflects its resemblance to this variety of headdress), has remained a symbol of beauty and delicacy to this day.

Services can only be confirmed subject to availability, so please make appointments before arriving at the Tulip center.

Tulip Beauty centre

The Beauty centre, located at the very entrance of the hotel, is a privileged place for those who take care of their beauty and style. Our guests, as well as the inhabitants of Constanta, can benefit here from services such as hair styling, manicure and facial treatments. Always up-to-date with the latest trends and novelties in care and beauty, Tulip offers a wide variety of beauty services with the help of our beauty therapists, using the most renowned professional cosmetic products in the world.

Tulip Spa Rituals

The SPA centre, designated for relaxation and spa rituals, is located on the first floor of Vega Hotel in Mamaia and invites you to experience the secrets of beauty and body treatments. Our guests enjoy the attention of specialists in body rituals, meant to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing.

The Tulip Spa Rituals centre offers intimate relaxing areas: sauna, massage parlour and a body treatment spa. The body treatments and spa rituals offered by the Tulip spa centre are accompanied by products from renowned brands, which satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

We invite you to experience the Tulip universe! We have selected the finest experts in the art of facial and body treatments, manicure and hairdressing. The highest quality standards are reflected in luxury services offered in a refined, intimate and comfortable setting.

The Tulip Beauty & Spa Rituals mission is to create unique and memorable spa experiences!