Vega Vintage Beach

Vega Vintage Beach, Mamaia, Constanta

The Vega Vintage Beach, the only Blue Flag certified beach in Romania since 2007, is a great place to have fun by the sea. The Vega Vintage Beach is an exclusive location with a classic, retro, maritime design, as well as an oasis of relaxation with the most modern facilities for an unforgettable holiday on the beach in Mamaia: romantic four-poster baldaquins and a massage centre on the beach.

The Vega Vintage Beach can mean a walk on the fine, clean sand, relaxing on the comfortable sunbeds, basking in the sun or under a sun umbrella, sipping on a delicious, refreshing cocktail, or simply the place in Mamaia to enjoy a variety of sports with your family or friends. On the Vega Hotel’s private beach, you will not only get the tan you desire; you will also be able to choose from among the more dynamic ways of spending a holiday by the sea: in addition to sports courts, the water sports section of the Vega Vintage Beach offers motorboats, pedalos, jet skis and waterskiing.