Vega became the first hotel in Romania to use Green Energy

In March 2013 the Vega Hotel in Mamaia became the first hotel in Romania to use renewable energy.

Already, since its opening, Vega Turism had been guaranteeing maximum conditions of health and safety for its guests and employees and taking social responsibility for the community of which it is a part and, not least, the environment. These measures include the sustained efforts and investments which led to the certification obtained in 2009, Vega thus becoming the first hotel in Romania to implement the Eco-Hotel Management System, a management system audited annually by TUV Rheinland Romania, a subsidiary of the largest inspection and certification organisation in Germany. Our mission is to bring together quality and safety standards to meet the challenges arising from the interaction between humans, technology and the environment, and to ensure the organisational structure and resources necessary.

Less than five years after it opened the Vega Hotel became the first hotel in Romania to purchase green energy (energy derived exclusively from renewable sources – wind, water and solar energy, which significantly helps to reduce CO2 emissions). Starting with the year 2014 the company supplying us with this type of energy is UGM Energy.

In its capacity as an Eco-Hotel, Vega ensures that ecological principles are behind all processes involved in the day-to-day activities of the hotel: biodegradable products are purchased and used, and water and paper consumption are monitored, as is the management of waste and hazardous substances. In place of its previous pattern of electricity consumption, the Vega Hotel shall from now on exclusively be consuming renewable electricity; one more step towards meeting sustainability targets without compromising touristic activities and the tourist experience.

Furthermore, by consuming this type of energy from renewable sources, the environment is not damaged or polluted, natural resources are protected and employees and tourists alike are encouraged to behave responsibly.

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