Orientalism auction – 17 July 2010

The Vega Hotel hosted the Orientalism auction organised by Artmark on 17 July 2010, at which art collectors were able to purchase such masterpieces as ‘The Jew’ by Stefan Luchian, ‘Still life with a narghile’, by Theodor Pallady, Alexandru Satmary’s interiors, Leon Biju’s Egyptian landscapes or Paul Miracovici’s award-winning tourism posters of the 1930s. The days leading up to the auction constituted a unique chance for the wider public to see these valuable works before they entered the private collections of fine art lovers. The event was, at the same time, Artmark’s first departure from Bucharest and a première on the Romanian coast. The atmosphere was lifted with live music until late into the night, while a presentation of haute couture fashion by renowned designer Catalin Botezatu was an elegant bonus for those fortunate to be present.

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